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Simple & easy home decor tips for you When the wind cools, days get shorter, and the chilly evenings invite you to think about celebrations with family & friends, FESTIVE SEASON is here! It’s that time of the year when you can flaunt those gorgeous aromatic candles, take out your finest silks, and splash color & sparkle to every corner of your dreams and your home. When it comes to decorating the house for an Indian festival, there are manyways to keep your space looking warm and beautiful every day while providing a joyous ambience for your guests. This Diwali, we provide you with a list of our most simple festive home dΓ©cor tips

Accents & decorations are an important part of creating a beautiful, welcoming, and personal home! Here are 13 accents/ decorations EVERY home needs. Make sure you use all the decor accessories on today’s list in your home! A must-read! How about a few TRAYS? We LOVE trays! They can be used to serve food, use as a bed tray, stash books and magazines in, and more! They are our favourite home decor accessory because they are so versatile!  My favourite way to use trays is to create pretty themes in them! Right now I have one tray with shells in my living room, a tray of flowers in the dining room, and gorgeous

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