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This is the season to exchange all your warm-weather linen and furniture for one that is far more appropriate for the colder months. You might love your light and airy fabrics, but you'll be reaching for something to make your room feel comfortable when the first taste of winter rolls inside. There are a variety of functional and pretty options to make your home comfortable this season, from pillows and throws and plush warm fabrics to heaters and fireplaces. There is absolutely no need for a full redesign of your furniture and décor, but we appreciate your loyalty to the seasons. Winterizing your home can be achieved without investing thousands of

To help the unique "New Year feeling" get quicker, make everything in your house look festive. Every winter we decorate our homes, wishing to give a new feeling to both ourselves and our loved ones. But you don't have to run to the store for toys, candles, and garlands – you can create a holiday atmosphere with your own handmade decorations.     Decorate with Candles! Dim the lights and arrange the candles around the house to make New Year's Eve truly special. Feel free to make your own: use cans, flower pots, and cones; maybe even spice stuff with a few cinnamon sticks. Try Handmade Stuff! Try a homemade approach for Christmas decorations as well:

Add style to your room by having the perfect rug for those cozy winters. Deciding on what to buy and on what material to use can be confusing. The market has so many options and with this blog Wagma would help in deciding the perfect rug. 1. Area rug:- Adding an area rug to a bedroom provides a whole host of wonderful benefits! Incorporating antique or vintage carpets is a great way to make a statement about one’s personality while adding some style to their room.     An area rug can tie other stylistic choices in a room together and gives the impression of completeness. An area rug is great, if not

As we approach the fag end of  2020 .We would have  fresh designs  trending on the horizon. Each season people try to give a fresh and unique look to their home. New year beings new begginings and the perfect time to renew your homes and step into a fresh look. An individual always tries to décor his home with the latest trends with the latest technology, hence it requires smart planning to choose interior décor for his home.  Well if you are planning for the renovation of your home then here are certain ideas that will be trending in 2020. Environment theme with natural colours:- Living In the laps of nature is

Top reasons for selecting Wagma Interiors design:- A well decorated and designed space where one’s day begins and ends can be very flattering. Designing a brand-new house can be very confusing, deciding on the flooring and the stark walls can be a tough ordeal. A similar predicament occurs when renovating or redecorating a house. This is when getting help from experts in this field would be a good idea. Our team makes sure that we get your designs in place and your moods are displayed in various styles in the house .   Turnkey projects:- In turnkey interior design services, you have to interact with a single point of contact that helps in minimizing the

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