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The newest trends in living room designs in 2022 will have many options for all. You can opt for the peaceful and relaxing, back-to-nature styles which include plants and earthy colours or go for a more creative modernist style, from multi-coloured rug designs to mix and match soft furniture.Trends in decor can provide all the ideas you need to redesign your home, whether it's redesigning the whole space using fashionable paint colours and investing in the latest fashions in bobble sofas, or updating your furniture with new styles.Stay updated with the latest living room trends to redecorate your living room for the next year. Here are some suggestions from some

Your home interiors reflect your personality and style. Hence, your interior designers must be capable of catering to your design and aesthetic needs. Before choosing an interior designer for your home interiors, these are some questions you must ask them. What’s your style? Or what do you specialize in? If you've got an exact idea of the look or style you'd like to have in your home, it's recommended to find out whether the designer you're hiring is skilled in that style or not. You don't want the home that you have envisioned to be managed by amateurs, do you? If your designer has a specific style they are well-known for, look

Interior Design is an art and it takes a keen eye for design and a knowledgeable person for the right execution of design for your space. Interior design professionals know that lighting, colour, room dimensions, scale and the placement of things that appear in space decide if they can make or break a room design. There are numerous common mistakes that every homeowner makes when planning their interiors. This article will explore the top 8 common mistakes that most interior designers make and how to avoid these mistakes: Bad Lighting Lighting can entirely switch up the appearance and feel of a room. While good lighting can enhance your home decor, bad lighting can

Don’t we all love the idea of a luxurious home? Yet it seems so unattainable. Hearing the word “luxurious” makes us think of all the “high-end aesthetics”, and expensive decor that will make us empty our pockets. But what if we tell you that you can redesign your home on a budget? Yes, it is totally achievable to give a luxurious look to your home on a budget, all you need to do is make some tweaks here and there to add that luxe quotient. Our expert luxury interior designers suggest that from exquisite wall finishes, artwork, stunning chandeliers, exclusive door finishes and even panels, and add that oomph factor with

Wagma Designs, the best interior designers in Gurgaon, have been recognized as the Top Interior Designers in Delhi NCR and all over India. Over the last 20 years, we have been creating and executing stunning and award-winning luxury interiors for offices, homes, and commercial spaces across India and across the globe. We are dedicated to creating elegant, awe-inspiring, and functional designs with the help of our extensive design experience as well as our professional interior designers. We strive to turn your dream home into a reality.1. Bespoke DesignsWagma designs offer bespoke, modern and contemporary interior designs. We create tailor-made experiences for our clients by coordinating closely with you and each

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