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Our Process

While art itself has no boundaries, at Wagma, its creation can certainly benefit from an approach that’s scientific and intuitive at once. It’s precisely this idea that has helped us chisel a signature process from conceptualization to actualization e comprising the following stages:

First things first: Let’s hear what you want

This is the stage where we sit and chat threadbare as our team trying the get under the skin of your requirement, your space and your vision. Idea-showers, sample-sharing, 3D simulations and strong coffee are standard features in this phase, which ends with a clear picture of the deliverables, detailed timelines and a precise budget.

Go time: Design Evolution

Here, we get busy developing the spatial strategy, furniture plans, colour palettes, interior elements like paint, wall covering, flooring, ceiling and window treatments, mouldings, cabinetry and countertops. Post refinements basis your review and your final go-ahead, orders are sent out for furnishings, fixtures and equipment. The purpose of this stage is to achieve a balance between luxury and utility, cost and quality.

Greatness lies in the details: Documentation & Administration

Once the design has been broadly defined, that’s exactly what we set out to do. The goal? Transferring our vision and passion to the contractor on the job. Depending on our engagement, we either provide you with an in-house construction team to carry out the construction job, or we actively assist you in evaluating the bids received from your contractors to ensure accurate and fair deal to you. We also draft and submit purchase orders for all of your equipment, interior finishes, and furnishings so items are received and ready to install before construction begins.

Getting to the good stuff: Building something epic

It’s construction time – the moment we’ve been waiting for (yes, the feeling of getting down and dirty and finally bringing our ideas to life remains unmatched!). All through this phase, we shall be stopping by the job site to oversee the work in action, monitoring schedules, syncing timelines and even meet you for any concerns or queries. Construction is followed by delivery and installation of the furnishings, accessories and artwork.

All’s fab that ends fab : Project completion

Dessert last: Yes, it’s time to transform your living spaces forever as we get ready for hand-over. Not before, though, we do a final walk-through together, going over every little (and big) detail including the care and maintenance. We part with mixed feelings – A certain pain of separation of a creation that’s close to our heart; A certain elation that we have kick-started yet another cherished relationship.

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