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Team that works together ....Stays together!

About Me

Manjari Sharma – Architect, Chief Interior Designer and driving soul behind Wagma Interiors over the last 20 years – is a spirit driven by a higher calling.

A calling that fuels her fire to transform the way we think and live design. Helps her convert spark-of-the-moment ideas into timeless classics. Informs her versatility across genres and categories, from mini to mammoth.  Has seen her win several accolades and honors such as. Watches her orchestrate diverse teams and talents ranging up to 25 projects at a time. Goads her to juggle creativity and gung-ho with economics and human values with equal elan. She compels her to treat every job as her most important.

Under Manjari’s stewardship, Wagma has evolved into an epicenter of design excellence – one that leverages collaboration and creativity in equal measure to pioneer design projects – over 700 at last count – to touch lives, bring joy and make society, a better place.


“Creating joyful experiences through design and execution of spaces having world class interiors with Indian flavours.”


To exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering designing, decoration & execution services that blend a truly cosmopolitan vision, signature craftsmanship and optimal pricing with values like professionalism, transparency and time.


Convert the design aspirations of our clients into memorable realities through our passion for architectural & interior excellence. To be a preferred place to work for the top talent by nurturing a work environment that thrives on the free exchange of ideas and continuous professional development. To be a responsible corporate citizen by adopting and encouraging socially and environmentally sustainable practices.


To become an idea leader in the space via a unique multidisciplinary approach.

About Wagma

Home Interior Decorators in GurgaonHome Interior Decorators in Gurgaon

At Wagma - a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional House of Excellence offering innovative, turnkey solutions in Interior Design, Space Planning, Architecture, and Construction - design is much more than just an object of art and admiration. It is an extension of who, and what, our clients stand for. This is precisely why every design we bring to life sports a unique feature: Personality. Purpose-crafted by thought leaders in the space, it’s a personality that is molded by the needs, sensibilities, and aspirations of our discerning patrons in a way that’s magical and efficient at once.

Interior Decorator in GurgaonInterior Decorator in GurgaonInterior Decorator in Gurgaon

Chiseled by out-of-the-box inspiration, contemporary trends and the unmistakable gravitas of superior workmanship, it is a personality informed by multi-tasking functionality – one that doesn’t just go to optimize the environment, but, indeed, give it a ‘lift’. And defined by a price-tag that adds a final flourish to the timeless values it represents. A persona is defined by the company it keeps, and at Wagma, every design comes with the assurance of a brand of professionalism that befits it: Ranging from a wide range of options that make informed decisions easy, to regular progress updates that put our clients on top of things from day one. Finally, Wagma works closely with its clients, an ethos that doesn’t just translate into flawless end-products, but creates bonds of trust that last, well, forever. Like all sparkling personalities do


Everyone loves a hero: AWARDS & HONORS

While the joy of creation is its own reward, the glut of pats-on-the-back, admiring glances and overt adulation that our heroes (read, our designs) receive everyday never fails to bring a special glow to our hearts. Slices and snippets of some of the certifications we have had the honour and privilege of receiving over time.

Wagma Designs won the Most Prominent Interior Design Firm of the Year 2021
National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021
The Taj Westend
Bengaluru, on 18th August 2021
Global Business & Leadership Awards, 2015
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