Turnkey Execution


While designing the interiors of any space, you have to contact and manage multiple vendors, decorators, designers, furniture designers or manufacturers, glass vendors and installers, furnishing stores, tile showrooms… the list is an exhaustive one, and so is managing and coordinating with all of them and most of them at the same time to ensure that your project is completed on time without incurring huge extra costs and of course with your peace of mind intact.

Over the years Wagma Designs has worked with many clients to conceptualize, design, and deliver the entire project. Right from what would be the entrance to each and each every room, every nook and every corner designed and furnished by Wagma. Wagma has an an extremely well qualified and a professional team of project managers who not only over see the management of all the external vendors but ensure that our clients do not have to worry about any aspect of project completion. Our team has the required experience to the plan, design, manage the vendors through every aspect right from material selection to sourcing to installation and finishing

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