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The Best Residential Interior Designers in India, Wagma Designs is considered among Top Commercial Interior Design Company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and all over India owing to its quality Interior Design services, winning designing strategies. Our extensive Design experience and dedicated team of Professional Interior Decorators make us well poised to emerge as the Famous Home Office Interior Designers in India!

Wagma Designs is One of the Best Awards Winning Interior Design Company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and all over India. We offer interior design services for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Office and so much more.

We firmly believe that design should be felt and experienced, it should appeal to all our senses, touch our emotions while keeping in mind the functionality for which the design is being created. With this understanding we endeavor to create designs that are modern, contemporary and timeless and are able to translate the needs and requirements for which is being designed.

We specialize in Visual Identity, Hospitality design, Commercial design, Residential design and Restaurant design. Wagma helps you create inviting and personalised brands and spaces.

Why everyone wants to hire Wagma Interior Design Company

✫ Wagma provides world-class interior layouts

✫ Availability of commercial and residential interior layouts.

✫ Wagma has designed for homes, cafe, shopping stores, commercials, hospitality and so much more.

✫ Design comprises of a beautiful mix of comfort, ambiance, beauty, and culture.

✫ Wagma is one of the top interior decorators in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and all over India.

✫ Wagma has got amazing solutions for everybody in each niche.

✫ Results-oriented approach is seen.

✫ We follow the trend within the business.

✫ Active co-operation with the client and complete transparency.

✫ We use state of the art technology and creative attribute.

✫ With a team of highly trained interior Designers and professionals.

✫ In a timely manner, while not compromising on the standard To exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering designing, decoration & execution services that blend a truly cosmopolitan vision, signature craftsmanship and optimal pricing with values like professionalism, transparency and time.



Wagma Designs is one of the Leading Commercial Interior Design Company in India. In Commercial interiors, Wagma knows the commercial property is quite expensive; hence our strategy is to produce a broad environment in a closely crowded area for using every inch of the Space.



Wagma Designs is one of the Leading Residential Interior Design Company in India. In residential interiors, Wagma essentially covers everything directly from the living space, bath, kitchen, fitness center, child’s room, dining area, residential indoor and outdoor layout to the stairs.