Residential Interior Design

When it comes to designing luxury residences, there is no one better than Wagma Designs. We take into account each and every aspect of the clients requirements, tastes, and personality into account and marry it beautifully with bespoke designs that luxurious, elegant, tasteful and yet modern and functional at the same time. Over the years, our experienced team of Interior designers and Architects has built a reputation for one of the most aesthetically sound and technologically advanced design team. Be it an apartment, or a bungalow or villa our team has vast experience in designing and creating any kind of residential space. We take each room as an individual and give each room its own individual style while keeping in mind the overall design and look of the entire house. Be it the walls, the flooring, the lighting, the artwork, the furniture and even the windows we create and design every little aspect of the house and make it into a luxury abode that our clients call “Home”

wagma designs log
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